What We Do

It sounds like a cliché, but honestly all our clients are individuals. Much of our work involves writing and organising some aspect of a client’s marketing activities. Here are some examples of the type work we might do for you:

Print and brochures
You need brochures, flyers or posters but don’t have the time to organise them. PR West will identify what you need, write the copy, organise top quality design and competitive printing. You get what you want and it’s hassle free.

Copy writing - speeches, brochures, websites, sales letters
You know what you want to say, we’ll write it clearly and succinctly for you. Sometimes all clients want is the words, they handle the rest themselves.

You’re busy organising an event and you want the world to know about it. This could be a festival, an open day or a launch. PR West will get your story to the media (local, national and specific) and handle all the photography. We’ll also help as an expert sounding board for the event management (in fact we could handle the event entirely for you).

Stands at trade shows or exhibitions
Maybe you’re dipping a toe into a new market and you need some advice on how to present yourself at a show. PR West will help with the backdrop, posters, leaflets and everything else.

The Marketing Makeover
You want strategic and long term advice on how to market and promote yourself. We’ll take a long hard look at what you’re already doing - your brand, literature, website, all marketing activities. We’ll produce a plan for you and map out a logical way to proceed with it.

For those who want to handle their own PR, Lesley runs PR training courses through Enterprise Boards and other agencies.

These are just some examples of what we do for clients. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of help with one aspect of marketing. Sometimes it’s the whole enchilada. It’s whatever your business needs at the moment.

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